Kenya High Commission
 in Botswana

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your Questions

Where is Kenya High Commission in Botswana?

In Gaborone, Plot No. 2615,

Zebra Way, off Chuma Drive.

Tel: +267 3951408.

Fax: +267 3951409.

Private Bag BO 297: Gaborone

What are the business hours for Kenya High Commission?
How do I register with the High Commission?
I have registered with the High Commission but never receive emails?
What do I do if my passport…
I need an Emergency Travel Document, what do I do?
My child is born here (abroad), what Kenyan documents can be processed?
Can I apply for a Kenyan Driving License from Kenya High Commission?
After how long does the Kenyan passport expire?
After ten years from the date of issue
I have made an application for a service e.g. new passport, certificate of good conduct, birth certificate etc, how do I track progress
What should I do if somebody (family) or close friend dies?
Does the High Commission pay for repatriation of the deceased?
My Kenyan driving license has expired, what do I do?
My Kenyan driving license is valid, how do I get the validation letter?
I would like to meet the High Commissioner, what do I do?
Can I apply for an Identity Card from the Kenya High Commission?
Can the High Commission assist in sourcing for employment in Botswana?
Does Kenya High Commission authenticate documents?